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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 2--

Hello again!  Ive gotten some positive feedback about the blog, and several views, so I guess that is reason for a day 2 =)

Not much going on here in Northern AZ today, we were going to go up to the grand canyon today, but the weather wasn't exactly on our side.  Its been VERY windy all day, and quite chilly as well.  Our new plan is to work as much as possible until Wednesday, when we will be moving. We are going to drive up to the grand canyon Wednesday morning and spend the day exploring and hiking.  We originally planned on taking the motorcycle, but once we got here we realized its not quite warm enough, and the weather changes so quickly, we didn't want to get stuck in bad weather.  As of right now its supposed to be 60 and sunny, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way.

Since we weren't able to do any site seeing, I have been hard at work in the shop creating new jewelry.  I'll be posting some really neat new turtles, as well as a new style of pendant I have been doing soon so check back often.

We have mostly been enjoying some quality time together hanging out with the dog and enjoying the beautiful mountain views from our little spot here in Williams, AZ.  We did a lot of eating out while we were in Socorro (robel's, mmMMmMmm =) so were also enjoying some home grilled dinners.  (we don't have an oven, so grilling is the next best thing!)  If anyone has any simple 1 dish recipes that they would like to share, I would love to try some new dishes!!

Kiley snapped a few quick pics from the RV park of our surroundings, as well as a "sneek peek"  pic of my last few days of work that will be posted in full to my etsy and facebook with in the next few days.

ALSO in ETSY news, I created a shop banner, updated my shop announcements, and added shop policies.  My birthday is coming up soon, and I'm thinking about doing a friends of my facebook/blog discount.  Maybe free shipping, or 10% off?  Something to think about I suppose, if you think its a good idea leave me a comment and let me know!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Much love, 
JR and Kiley


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