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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!!! We are here in Atascadero, missing our friends and family like crazy! Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday, and spending time with some beautiful, smiling faces.  Not a lot has been going on here in the past few days except work work work!!! So its Picture Blog day! =)
^  this is Caleb, JR and Joey after a long nights work, the night we arrived in PHX

JR doing late night Demo at Cloud Nine smoke shop in Phoenix
The owners of Cloud Nine Mike and Steve, with JR and on the counter, behind them, barely visible, are the pieces the picked up while we were in town. 

Demo #2 with Josh Hamra!  This one is at Herb N Legend in Phoenix, Josh on the torch with JR watching

During the demo at herb n legend--there was a good crowd, never to many people at once, but always a nice flow of peeps checking out what was going on, and asking questions.  

the bad ass sign the owner from Herb N Legend had printed and then gave us! Thanks Tim!!!

If your in the area check out BOTH of these shops! Great Variety, great prices, AND GREAT people!!! tell em Turtle glass sent ya =)

while we were staying in Poway Kiley went down to a park a few blocks away with the dogs, and snapped a few pics... A tree.

The Park had a little train track running through it and you can take little rides around the park, its cute.

This is at Camp Comfort in Ojai, CA.  We were the only people there the whole week!  Our spot by the river was AMAZING!!!  You could hear the water flowing over the rocks, and around dusk the sound of frogs and crickets was almost deafening.  Definitely something I could listen to forever =)  We were also so lucky to listen to an owl hoot throughout the night, and we both caught a little glimpse of it as well.   

Ryan and JR in Ojai (LOVE Ojai)

my fortune/life motto =)

here we are Atasacadero, with an amazingly beautiful view and great company!

To get a better view of any of the pictures CLICK on it, and it will open a new window with the big picture =)
Happy Easter! Enojy, 
JR and Kiley


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