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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hope everyone is enjoying these first days of May.  We have been having GORGEOUS weather here in CA.  Its been 80 and sunny for the past week and I LOVE IT!  Were still in Atascadero.  The "plan" was to roll out last Friday...good thing we don't take our "Plan" to seriously.....JR is working working working trying to put together some fun and exciting new things! --photos when its done!--  And I have been uploading things to Etsy like crazy! Be sure to check out our new items!

We have been pretty boring lately, trying to concentrate on getting our inventory built up and trying to figure out what the people want!  Haha seems like a never ending job....good thing we love it!  BUT all work and no play, makes for a gumpy girlfriend, SO we had a day at the beach Monday.  We went to Avila Beach, and played around in the little tide pools, there were tons of hermit crabs and Anemone.  But it was still pretty early in the afternoon, so we didn't get to see as much as we did when we were in Brookings, OR a few years are some of the pictures from Oregon tide pools.  We didn't get any pictures here though =( but we spent an hour or so just soaking up the sun, watching the boats, and enjoying the beautiful day.  We decided to beach hop, and went to Morro Bay State park and huung out at the beach there for about an hour as well...Unfortunately the water was freeeezing!  Even after laying in the hot sun, sweating up a storm, the water was to cold to swim in.  We got a few pics at the 2nd beach we went to, but the camera we used has a scratch on the lens, so there is some unattractive dark splotches in some of the last ones.  P.s.Sorry I'm being lazy today and just adding links, instead of actual pictures.  That album is actually a little bit of Atascadero, Poway, and a few pics from Ojai.  I do want to include these 2 pictures though...The first is JR and Jason--from Tijeras, NM...This picture was on our old camera, and it didn't get uploaded until recently, but we were in NM a couple months ago...
thanks again to Jason and Janelle, for inviting us to their home, and letting us hang out at their sweet mountain spot for the weekend!!  
And this is JR and Ryan, from Ojai, CA.  We spent a little over a week hanging out, blowing glass, and getting to know the (AMAZING!!) locals.  
I have written about Ojai before, but it is definitely one of those places that absolutely can not be described in words.  Ryan said it best, "Ojai is a very special place."  We can't wait to go back!
SO--thats what we have been up to =)  Hope everyone is safe, and hopefully avoided any damage or loss during the storms and flooding in the Midwest and South.  Thoughts and prayers go out to those who were affected.
JR and Kiley


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