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Monday, March 28, 2011

Where does the time go?

Sorry for the delay in posts --again-- We have been keeping pretty busy since arriving in Cottonwood.

In my last post I said I would write about our Grand Canyon adventure.  We were there on Thursday March 24th.  We woke up in Williams, had breakfast, packed up and headed to the Park.  Since it was Thursday, I wasn't expecting much traffic, but it was surprisingly busy.   We came up from Williams, through Tusayan and Grand Canyon Village.  We decided to head West to the more popular look out points, and then try to hit up the east portion of the south rim (desert view) afterwards, so we could hopefully see sunset from the watchtower.

We parked near the Bright angel trail head and lodge.  The first views of the canyon are absolutely breath taking.    Its nearly impossible to describe the view.  I immediately was reminded of the Badlands in South Dakota, although the 2 places are not really comparable. For as far as the eye can see, there were, what i want to call mountain peaks, but they were not above us, more like parallel with where we were standing. There were so many colors through out the rocks, stripes of grey and pink and white and red.  Its literally something you just have to experience for yourself, to truly appreciate the beauty.  I almost feel like I'm disgracing the whole area trying to put it into words.  the length of the canyon is about 277 miles, and its up to 18 miles across , and about a mile deep.  At several of the lookouts, you could go to the very edge of the canyon, lean out over the railing and look to the bottom.  It will definitely make your stomach drop, the grand canyon is not for the "afraid of heights" type people, at least not the edges lol.  From the bright angel lodge when you look down into the canyon you can see a trail that snakes back and forth all the way down to the bottom.  They say its a 2 day hike to the bottom.  I think it would take me way longer =)  There is a shuttle that can take you and drop you off at each of the look out points, but the line to get on the shuttle was ridiculous and it was a beautiful day, so we decided to walk to the 1st point, which was the trail view overlook.  From each lookout point the landscape changes and the views get different angles and you can really see just how large it is.  The shuttle didn't actually stop at the trail view overlook, so we were able to enjoy the view alone and soak in the beauty. We walked along the rim trail to the next point, Maricopa Point. This point was extended out much farther than the first point so we were able to have better views to the east, and were able to see some of the more note able rock formations in the canyon such as the San Francisco Peaks.  We decided to stay on the trail and walk to the next point which was Powell point.  The view from here was very similar since they were only about a mile apart.  There was a little "off the path" trail that lead to the very edge of the canyon, with no railings, and no other people, so we hung out here for a bit, to get away from the crowds.  It was at this point we decided to throw snow balls over the edge, they fell FOREVER! it literally made my stomach drop, I couldn't even watch it fall all the way to the bottom!  We continued on walking to the next point, Hopi point which was the first point on the trail that you could actually see the Colorado river winding through the bottom of the canyon.  Here we hopped on the shuttle to Mohave point, where the view of the river is a little better, but still not very visible. There were still a few other points after these, but we decided to head back to the car so we could get to the watch tower by sunset.  The desert view drive is much less crowded, because the shuttle doesn't run down that road, and although we only stopped at 2 of the look outs, I think the views from this end were really cool.  We stopped at the Navajo point, which had an amazing view of the peaks.  The dogs got to get out here and run around, but they didn't seem to impressed...silly dogs =)  Since it was getting close to dusk we wanted to hurry to the next point, Watch tower point.  At this look out is a viewing tower that, after a 85 stair climb, gives you a 360 degree view of the canyon peaks to the west and the painted desert,  to the east.   Unfortunately, the stairs closed about 5 minutes before we got there, so I supposed we will have to save it for next time.  But we got there in time to find a spot and get some (more) awesome pictures.  From this point you can also see the Colorado river very well.  SO, that was our day at the grand canyon.  It was so much fun, and we will definitely try to go back.  Kiley took TONS of pictures, which she posted on her facebook.  

Since then, we drove down Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona, which I'm hoping to go back and explore on Tuesday.  We picked a couple, out of the hundreds, of trails we want to try to hike.  I believe were going to try to West fork Trail and the Soldier Pass Arches, Devils Kitchen, and Seven Sacred Pools trail.  We have had a few suggestions, and would LOVE to hike them all, but we can't do everything all at once, so we will have to save a few for next time =) We are also going to try to go to Slide Rock SP the same day.

Friday we just relaxed and hung out together and enjoyed out surroundings here at Dead Horse Ranch SP.  We took a little bike ride and walked around near the river for awhile and then came and hung out with the dogs and sat outside our campsite.  Yesterday we did a ruckus/harley trip to the other side of the park where there were 3 lagoons, with trails around each and little fishing spots and lots of horse back riders.  We took a trail down to the river, where we sat and watched the flowing water, for awhile, then came back to the camper, cooked some steaks, and celebrated Earth hour, by eating dinner by candle light.

Today, we went to this awesome little town nestled up in the mountain, called Jerome.  It was suggested by several people that we visit this town, and I'm so glad we did!  The road quickly leads up into the Mountain, and then weaves its way back and forth up to an adorable little shopping area.  This town is so funky, some of the houses look like they could drop right off the side of the mountain!!!  We first went up to the Jerome winery and bought a bottle of wine and ate lunch, while watching all the people walking from store to store and popping into the bars to listen to a band, or get a quick drink.  After lunch we explored all the little shops.  There was so much to chose from!  There were numerous jewelry store a few funky little clothing stores, several art gallery's, and a entire store dedicated to kaleidescopes!  We were originally "just looking", but after the girl working snapped a quick picture of us through a kaleidescope, we decided to make a spontaneous purchase =)  Here is the picture:
As we were making our purchase we were having random small talk with the sales girl, and our travels, and glass art came up and she suggested we come back to show the owner, who may be interested in picking up some items. So were going to try to get back up there tomorrow, maybe check out the State Park there, and then hopefully go to Palatki and Honanki ruins. It should be a fun day!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!
JR and Kiley

Friday, March 25, 2011

We made it to Sedona!

Well, were actually past Sedona in Cottonwood, AZ at Dead Horse Ranch SP.  Its a beautiful park, with lots of trails for walkers, bikers, and horses.  We got here this afternoon, unloaded, set up shop, ate some lunch and had a little time left for a short bike ride through the park.  The weather is awesome AND we decided to stay here a week instead of 5 days.  I'm ready to get out and do some hiking and biking!

We took the Oak Creek Canyon trail down to Sedona from Flagstaff, which is easily one of the most gorgeous drives I have ever been on. It starts off of a nice road running through the middle of the Coconino National Forest, which quickly turned into a series of twists and turns snaking down the side of a mountain into a beautiful canyon.  Around the first curve the tree line breaks open to breathtaking views of plummeting tree covered cliff sides speckled with patches of melting snow.  If your the lucky passenger you get to enjoy the view a little more.  I read on the internet, before we left, that if you were taking the drive after a good rain you could see waterfalls running down over the cliffs, and I was hoping since the snow was melting that we would have the same luxury, but no such luck. We quickly found ourselves on a gently sloping scenic drive through the canyon, with a crystal clear river running parallel to the road. As you begin to get near Sedona the scenery changes from gray, tree covered mountains and cliffs, to red brick colored rock formations.  It didn't take long to realize where the term Red Rock Country came from =)   Along the way were several camping spots and hiking trails leading off into the forest.  Since we were trying to get to the campground we didn't make any pit stops, but we plan on taking a day or 2 and getting out on the motorcycle to explore the trail a little more.  Also, the trail continues on past Sedona through the larger "familiar" Red Rock Formations, typically seen on the HELLO! from Arizona postcards, but since we are staying in Cottonwood we didn't get to explore the southern portion of the trail.  I'm excited to go back and get to know the area, I can tell before ever even getting out of the car, its definitely an area that i'm going to enjoy.  I've gathered a small list of trails to hike, and spots to check out along the way, but anyone with suggestions, feel free to post them in my comments, I'm always open to new options!

As I said in my previous post I am going to Review the RV park we recently stayed at.  We were in Williams,   AZ at the Railside Ranch RV Park.  We made it our choice, because it was the most affordable park in the area ($188+tax for 1 week), which was centrally located beneath the grand canyon and just outside Flagstaff, and we originally planned on taking the motorcycle up to the Grand Canyon for a day.  WELL, if we would have read the weather forecast we would have realized it was going to be way to cold to take the motorcycle anywhere.  As a matter of fact, the 2nd day we were in Williams, there was a snow storm that covered the bike with a layer of ice and snow that was still present when we rolled it in the camper to leave.  So our 2nd thought was, lets take the train! After all, that is what Williams is know for, the Grand Canyon train, AND it just so happened to be a stones throw from our camp spot.  After further investigation of the train situation we realized it was going to cost us (at the cheapest) nearly $150 to take it up and back, and it departs GC to return to Williams BEFORE sunset, which was something we definitely wanted to see, so we decided against the train as well.  We did decide that it would have been a gorgeous motorcycle ride, had the weather been working with us.  OK so the campground is literally as close as you can possibly get to the train tracks, I was worried it would be an issue because of noise.  To some people it may have been an issue, but to me, I barely noticed it.  The train departed around 9:30am, I was usually still sleeping, and it never woke me up.  It returned around 6pm, and I was usually working, and never heard it. A few days I was sitting in the camper looking out the window and actually seen the train returning and that was the only time I ever noticed the Horn, and it wasn't that loud.  The park owners were friendly and helpful, and gave us information about the train, as well as some ideas of stuff to do at the Grand Canyon.  The park was fairly empty, so we were able to park close to the main building which held bathrooms, showers, laundry rooms, and main office.  In the main office is a very small "general store" area that had a few shelves of items and is where they had free breakfast available every morning.  The only day we were up in time for breakfast was the day we were leaving and there was Cheerios and frosted flakes, they also had make your own waffles, and granola bars and packages of oatmeal, typical continental breakfast, nothing to get excited about.  There was Orange Juice and hot coffee as well.  The bathrooms were clean for the most part, and obviously well maintained.  There were 4 washers and dryers but only 2 of each were working.  It was around $2.00 to wash and dry a load of laundry.  There was also free wi-fi.  We were in one of the closer spots to the main building, and the connection was usually weak, and we ended up using our Verizon mifi card most of the time anyways,  Overall, a neutral experience, nothing to negative to say, nothing outstandingly positive.  I would say a 7 on a 1-10 scale.

SO I hope that was somewhat helpful to someone =)  Now, its getting late, and I want to get to bed, so I can get up and explore some more tomorrow, and maybe get a little work done too ;)  I'll post more about our grand canyon trip tomorrow as well but until then here is one of the pictures Kiley took from Watchtower Point, at sunset.

f.y.i.  these pictures appear small in the blog, but if you CLICK on the picture, it will open enlarged, in a new window, so you get the full view =)  Kiley will be posting the full folder of grand canyon pictures on her facebook soon, so be sure to check it out.  She is also going to be adding a few new pendants to our etsy tomorrow, so be sure to check it out as well!!
Enjoy your day!! --JR and Kiley

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Canyon bound--

Sorry for not posting yesterday, we spent the day finishing up some work, and packing up the camper.

 Now, were finally on our way to the Grand Canyon!!! YAY!! Should be there within the hour =)  We will be heading south to Sedona this evening and then will be spending 5 days in that area.  I'll try to get some new Etsy stuff listed tonight, or tomorrow and I'm sure Kiley will have some new pictures to post of our adventure.

Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful day!
JR and Kiley

Monday, March 21, 2011

Snowing on the 2nd day of spring???

Hello again!  Hope everyone is enjoying their day.  I woke up this morning to what I thought was some light rain here in Northern, AZ.  Much to my surprise, when I looked out the window, we had over an inch of snow!!!  If this is a fun little joke from mother nature, i'm not laughing.  I jumped on my facebook, to see post after post, from friends and family in Illinois, describing a beautiful 70 degree spring day, filling my new feed.  HAHA--just a nice little reminder from the powers that be, saying "you are not in control, you do not get to decide to skip winter.  I make the rules."  OH WELL.  Being from Illinois, i'm prepared for crazy I will survive.  Here are a few pictures Kiley took while we were walking the dogs.  

On a higher note, something that made my cold, snowy day a little brighter, an Australian glass distribution company is using pictures of my art as examples of the color "Alien-Tech"  on their website.  I'm so flattered! They are using 2 different pictures, one of the lotus pendant I made Kiley for Christmas, and another of one of my 5 petal flower pendants with and implosion marble center, all made out of Alien tech rod.  Its one of my favorite Northstar colors, and I'm glad to have my art be used to represent such a beautiful color!

Also, sorry for the lack of an entry yesterday, my only excuse is, it was Sunday, my "relax" day.  I slept in, had a late breakfast, tried to get caught up on my ever-growing "to-do" list, and I got Kiley doing some work on the torch.  She has made a few pendants here and there, but this was her first day of "work".  I'm so proud Soon as we can hook her torch up she can work more often, since I'm a torch hog and never let her play ;)  took a quick pic of her pendants with my phone:
We ordered a little photo box and some other new camera equipment and should be getting it by the end of the month, so Kiley will be taking better quality pictures of her pendants, as well as all the new pendants I have been making, and we will be putting them up on our etsy A.S.A.P.  We are still patiently waiting for our first sale on the page.  We had to remove some items that were originally posted because we sold them, outside of etsy.  We get a lot of views, but no bites.  Hopefully soon we will get some business ;)

Oh yes, I also wanted to mention, we are active members in several different forums, that are useful to our lifestyle.  One of which is the RV Forum.  After we complete our stay at each RV park we stop at, I will try to do a little review here, to hopefully help our some fellow RV's.  So far, we have only stopped at a few RV parks, because we have been very lucky to have come across some wonderful people, with large yards, who have been able to let us stay with them. 
 Well folks, thats been my day, now time to go jump on the torch and do some work!

Much Love, JR and Kiley

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 2--

Hello again!  Ive gotten some positive feedback about the blog, and several views, so I guess that is reason for a day 2 =)

Not much going on here in Northern AZ today, we were going to go up to the grand canyon today, but the weather wasn't exactly on our side.  Its been VERY windy all day, and quite chilly as well.  Our new plan is to work as much as possible until Wednesday, when we will be moving. We are going to drive up to the grand canyon Wednesday morning and spend the day exploring and hiking.  We originally planned on taking the motorcycle, but once we got here we realized its not quite warm enough, and the weather changes so quickly, we didn't want to get stuck in bad weather.  As of right now its supposed to be 60 and sunny, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way.

Since we weren't able to do any site seeing, I have been hard at work in the shop creating new jewelry.  I'll be posting some really neat new turtles, as well as a new style of pendant I have been doing soon so check back often.

We have mostly been enjoying some quality time together hanging out with the dog and enjoying the beautiful mountain views from our little spot here in Williams, AZ.  We did a lot of eating out while we were in Socorro (robel's, mmMMmMmm =) so were also enjoying some home grilled dinners.  (we don't have an oven, so grilling is the next best thing!)  If anyone has any simple 1 dish recipes that they would like to share, I would love to try some new dishes!!

Kiley snapped a few quick pics from the RV park of our surroundings, as well as a "sneek peek"  pic of my last few days of work that will be posted in full to my etsy and facebook with in the next few days.

ALSO in ETSY news, I created a shop banner, updated my shop announcements, and added shop policies.  My birthday is coming up soon, and I'm thinking about doing a friends of my facebook/blog discount.  Maybe free shipping, or 10% off?  Something to think about I suppose, if you think its a good idea leave me a comment and let me know!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Much love, 
JR and Kiley
OK, so here goes...

We have been traveling for about 4 months now, and everyone keeps requesting a blog, so I guess I'll try this out.

My name is James-JR for short. I began glass blowing January of 2010 out of a shed I converted into a studio in my backyard. I am now a traveling glass artist.  My girlfriend Kiley and I are traveling with our 2 road dogs Mizzi (a shih-tzu) and Kaya (a pug)  across the U.S. in our RV with a glass studio in the back.  We decided around Aug. of 2010 that we were going to sell everything we own and buy an RV and spread our love of glass and art as well as learn new techniques and skills from other artists who so generously invite us to come visit them at their home or studio.  So far we have had wonderful experiences everywhere and this adventure has truly shown the kindness of the human spirit.  Since leaving Illinois, I have been extremely fortunate to be able to add several new members to the list of people I call my glass family.  I'm excited for my family to continue to grow and  to continue this crazy adventure in my life.

SO far we have been to Pensacola Florida to visit Rob at Liquid Arts- everyone was AWESOME!  We had a blast in Florida and I learned so much!!  Rob definitely had a hard working crew and I made lots of cool stuff! Even got my first chance at playing on a lathe! Since we were there in December I made most of my Christmas presents there as well.  Even sold a few hummingbird feeders as Christmas presents for other people as well!!  Heres a pic of me(L) and Rob(R) before we took off to our next destination!

After we left Florida we stopped at the Bayou Sagnett State Park just outside New Orleans to spend some quality alone time in a quiet Park.  We were here for Christmas and New Years.  We spent a few days exploring New Orleans and the surrounding areas, and celebrated New Years Eve on Bourbon Street.  What a great experience!    Heres a cute Christmas picture of me and the dogs, dressed as reindeer!
 This is one of me and Kiley at Jackson Square in New Orleans, exploring the French Quarter!

After leaving good ol' Nawleans we headed to TEXAS!

Our first stop in Texas was just outside of Houston, to meet up with Matt, the owner of Bomdiggity Smokeshop.  He so graciously let me work out of his HUGE shop.  Got to spend a little more time on the lathe here again and got to see an interesting side of Glass art that I hadn't got to experience yet.  Matt is not only a great glass artist but he and his wife also own and operate a head-shop, so I  was able to get an idea of how that end of the glass business was maintained.  We also got to spend a few days riding motorcycles, which is always nice Especially in January! The weather in Katy was definitely on our side.  Before we took off Matt picked up some of my work to add to his collection at the shop, so if your in the Katy Texas area be sure to hit up BOMDIGGITY SMOKESHOP!  They have an awesome crew and a great shop!  Heres a shot of us before we took off!
                                          L-R Cody, Me, Matt, John
When we first arrived at bomdiggity they were having a local tattoo artist airbrush the walls to make the shop a little more colorful!  It was looking AWESOME when we left.  You can see the finished products on their facebook!!! This is right before we took off!

After leaving Katy we were on the way to Austin, Tx.  to visit glass artist, Joe Blow.  The shop location was awesome!  A nice private little spot with a little funky tree grove, a few frolf baskets, and some farm animals on the side to add to the scenery.  All the artists at this shop were awesome!  Very friendly AND entertaining!  We were only in Austin few a short time (10 or so days) and there was so much to learn from the talented group working here that I did mostly observing.  I learned SO much, all the guys here were so generous with knowledge and information and extremely helpful in the progression of my art! I am so grateful for the generosity of this group!  I was introduced to some basics of carving glass, as well as observed (and even did a little) sandblasting. I got to do my first artist collaboration of our trip here as well, it was a great experience and the finished product turned out awesome!  Check out my facebook for pictures of our collaboration and other pictures of my work.  We also throughly enjoyed chowing down at some of the local favorite food spots! We didn't get a chance to really explore Austin while we were there, so were excited to get back visit with the crew again and maybe see more of the city!   Here is a pic of me and Craig-Joe Blow before we took off.

After we left Austin, we went to visit my friend Matt, at MAD glass studio.  Matt just became the owner of a new studio recently and I was excited to see his shop!  He is located in Denton, TX and has work at some of the shops in the area, but his studio is private.  Shortly after we arrived Matt invited me to go with him to Amarillo to Flame One Productions where a group of glass artists were working on a collaboration project for the C.H.A.M.P.S. glass greenhouse instillation.  I had a great time watching these amazing artisits work making several large soft glass fruit bowls and vases that held glass flowers and pieces of glass, there was even a lizard! They also made this already incredible work of art into a working all glass fountain!  It was an awesome experience watching them assemble the project.  I also got a chance to play with a little soft glass!!  It was so much different than my boro, but still so much fun! I got to make a paperweight and a little squiggle sculpture.  We came back to Denton to get some work done.  Luckily I was ready to work, because we got snowed in at the shop!! For 3 days!  I'm lucky to have my home on wheels that was parked right outside the shop.  We had a blast with Matt and can't wait to go back!  We took off at the same time as he was leaving to go to set up the project at the C.H.A.M.P.S. competition, we wished him luck and snapped a quick picture.   
We got word later that the boys won the competition! I feel so lucky to have goten to be able to watch the creation of the winning  piece!! Congrats to the crew for all your hard work!

After we left Denton we headed to Lubbock to visit my good friend Shawn who I have been friends with since we both lived in Illinois, long before I started blowing glass. We were planning on only staying to visit for a few days while I waited for a glass order to be mailed. Shawn and his wife are super busy with their full time jobs as well as planning the arrival of their 1st baby (coming in Aug! =) Well, a few snags along the way delayed my order and we ended up staying 10 days! It was so nice seeing some familiar faces though so I definitely wasn't complaining. I was having trouble with my venting not clearing out, and was worried about blowing glass in my shop, so with the genius of Shawn and I's minds we tore out some cabinets, and created a  vent in my shop that I am 100% confident is completely efficient.  Heres a look at us hard at work!!(pardon our mess!)

   As a thank you for letting us crash at their house for longer than expected as well as all the hard work Shawn put in helping with my vent I gave Shawn my first (and his) glass blowing lesson!  He was a complete newbie and caught on to the basics FAST!  which didn't surprise me at all, considering his past record! Ha Shawn is a hard working Nuclear medical Technician, a semi-pro tournament winning disc golfer, and is AMAZING at his newest hobby-BEER BREWING!!!  I got to sample his beers and all I can say is MMmmmMMMmmmm...his Oatmeal Stout (which i normally don't like) is KILLER! So i knew he would be a glass blowing natural-and I was right =)  He picked up the addiction quick hehe it was my secret plan all along I knew if I taught him a few things, he wouldn't be able to stop!  He found a shop near his house and bought his first set of tools and glass recently, I'm excited to see his progression!!  We got to do some more motorcycle riding in Lubbock..the weather was BEAUTIFUL...lots of 80+ degree days!   We explored a neat canyon (check out Kileys Facebook for pictures from lubbock and other stops in our journey) and got lots of great grub!  We were sad to leave the company of great friends, but we were needing to get back to work, so after this quick pic...we were on the road again!
After Lubbock we were out of Texas, and on to NEW MEXICO!  We stopped in at a neat shop called Grey Matter in Albuquerque and met a few of the guys quickly before heading up to Tijeras, NM.  We set up shop with Jason, from Nomad Crafts, at his sweet Mountain home.  We were only here a few days, due to some under the weather kids, and a tight schedule.  BUT we were able to bust out an awesome collaboration and Jason showed me how to make my own tubes, and we worked on blow-ins.  We had fun with Jason and hopefully can visit again soon!  Unfortunately our camera battery died right as we were posing for a quick picture, so i'll have to try to get the one Jason took!  

After we left Tijeras were headed down to Socorro, NM to meet Graham who goes by Mt. Burn.  A physics student at NMT, and glass blower in his free time.  We stayed here doing some VERY UNIQUE collaborations for a few weeks.  Graham had a very scientific style which paired interestingly with my whimsical nature inspired art and our individual ideas and styles came together very nicely to create some truly awesome pieces.  We had a blast creating the most collaborations I have done with a single artist, as well as picked up some great tips on creating complex pieces and sealing pieces together.  I got to bust out my newly purchased Smith Hand torch...its my new addiction! I can find a million reasons to use it and it has paid for itself already!  There were definitely a few times where our creations would have become extinct if it weren't for my trusty new had torch =)  My element in my kiln went out while we were here which was quite the calamity...Lucky for me Grahams, roommate David is a electronic whiz!  He got me put back together after the element arrived in the mail a few days later! (BIG SHOUT OUT to the crew at glass hive for all your awesome customer service, and speedy delivery!) David also helped me figure out my electricity usage from my kiln and oxy filler per day...Its approx. $6 a day to run both!  Not bad!  Graham was awesome as so incredibly generous!  We had an awesome time there!  Not to mention the scenery was AMAZING!  beautiful desert sunsets, mountains, and unique history made Socorro an awesome place to visit.  I was very inspired by the landscape and it came out in a new group of flowers, on sale in my etsy shop! We left the day we left Socorro we stopped in Albuquerque to try to do a few sales!  We stopped in a store called bird land, which didn't pick up any of our collaborations, but the owner grabbed a few turtle pendants, flower pendants, and wine stoppers.  He said since we were un-known artists he couldn't bring himself to purchase our more expensive pieces, oh well...if your in the Albuquerque, NM area stop in at Birdland and ask for TURTLE GLASS by name!! Demand he get more of my glass!! haha seriously though.... We also stopped in at Bentley Custom Glass--unfortunately the owner had some unwanted expenses fall in his lap the night before we came, some vandals shattered a window in the store front, so he was unable to pick up any glass, but he had a great shop, with only local artists and live glass blowing in the shop on Friday nights! Check it out and ask for TURTLE GLASS!!!! Support local art! Here is a pic of me a Graham right before we headed to our next destinations, this picture is a great representation of my feelings of our time in Socorro =) We had a blast!
Can't wait to get back for another visit!!
So after leaving Grahams, we headed to Arizona.  Which is where were are currently located.  We staying at a little RV park in Williams for the week, and gunna go up to the Grand Canyon this weekend for some site seeing--Kiley needs to play with her new camera =) so be on the look out for some awesome nature shots!!!

I know that was A LOT- but so much has happened on our journey so far there was A LOT of catching up to do!  My post from here on out will (hopefully) be MUCH shorter.  I plan on trying to blog daily to keep everyone updated!  Since We have been in Arizona I have been working a a lot of new turtles that will be posted to my facebook and Etsy soon, so be looking for it!!

Whew!  Ok- now time for bed!! PLEASE leave comments so I know i'm not talking to noone and wasting my time...also to keep me motivated to update daily!!

Much love, JR and Kiley